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I'M BACK!!! (sorta...)

2017-07-09 14:18:03 by ZooSafari

Heeeey guys n gals!!!

Guess who's kinda back!? lol

Yeh... so after centuries gone, I've finally returned to fill you lives with wildness and groove haha 

I'll be uploading old tracks along with new material I got on the works, so be ready! 

This week I'm preparing something really special for ya'll!! ;D


Have a good one guys! 




Awake from coma...

2011-01-17 17:48:27 by ZooSafari

Probably most of you still don't know the reason of my long absence, although I already told like half of you through msn and Mich probably told the other half XD I felt like it was important to post this for everyone to know specially the ppl who have been wondering why I haven't posted anything since last year, or responded to my comments, or answered my PMs.

Well, I was in coma guys, I had a car accident a few day after 2010 started, I hit my head with the window of the car door and fell unconscious for exactly 6 an a half months, after that I was in rehab for almost 3 months and the rest is history. I haven't fully recovered yet and doctors said I may never be able too, I'm still having some memory loss and problems with speech, but its getting less frequent and hopefully it will all be gone in time....

I'm also slowly remembering how to make music again, been watching some tutorials and getting help from fellow musician friends and I believe I will be making beats again in no time, I just need to keep practicing a lot : )

And thats about it my friends, I want to thank everyone who sent me e-mails and messages here or through hotmail (or by any other means), THANK YOU for your concern and support, I love you brothas! ^^

ZoO SaFaRi

Better Off Alone ZooSafari Remake On NG!!!

2009-06-17 14:42:31 by ZooSafari

Hello there everyone!!!

Its finally here! After months of hard work, my remake of the famous dance song "Better Off Alone" by Alice Deejay!!!

Now this is the first time I submit to NG a song with vocals in it (courtesy of Alisa ;D) so its kind of a big step for me :P

But anyway, without further explanation I present to you: Better Off Alone (ZooSafari 2009 Remake) ft. Alisa

And please dont forget to give credit to the singer who made all this possible: Alisa! And to check out her wonderful audio.

Finally ;D

This is a lil video we decided to put up on YouTube, its not actually a "video" but you get the idea ;P

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Peace newgrounds!


2009-04-24 09:19:47 by ZooSafari

Oh Yeah! It was precisely one year ago that I found about this AWESOME website and signed up for it! WOW I cant believe I have already spent an entire year of my life in this place XD (jk) :P

But seriously, I have made lots of really GOOD friends on this site, I dont feel like mentioning all of them (cause Im afraid I'll miss some of you XP) but you know who you are and Im both proud and grateful to be your bro ;D

I would really like to share some things with you so you can catch-up with everything that has happen on my page.

First of all I would like to share with you an awesome video a good friend of mine made for my song Savanna ^^

If someone is interested on the animations and stuff, she made everything using a program called Terragen.

High Quality Link

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Now I would like to present ya, my 2 newest songs. Ive been a lot into New Age/Soundtrack music so Ive decided to give it a shot, I dont think Im as good at it as into Electronic music but I leave that decision to you ^^'

We're All Part Of This World

The Island

Enjoy! And thank you for passing by :D

Have an awesome day! ^^

ZooSafari Proudly Presents: "Savanna"!

2009-02-18 00:36:28 by ZooSafari

Yes! My newest song, Savanna, was a project that took over 3 months to make!!! Seriously!!!

It was a bitch to master, but in the end, I succeeded! And Im damn proud of it, it really helped me learn a lot of cool new things about music production and composition. So far, I can tell the melody I wrote for this track is one of the most epic and uplifting Ive ever made, seriously if you can listen to the whole thing, that'd be awesome, but if you're really impatient, PLEASE at least take a good listen to the melody, it will instantly grab you! And wont let you escape :P

And finally, as always, I recorded all the drums and percussion you hear on the track myself, it was really hard to get the right sounds, but I feel really pleased with the final product and Im sure many of the trance/dance lovers out there will enjoy it a lot.

I'll keep ya updated, but for now...Peace!

ZooSafari Proudly Presents: "Savanna"!

Thank You! "Rainforest" Relaunch!!!

2009-01-16 20:45:23 by ZooSafari


Its crazy!!! Last week my song Welcome To The Wild got the 4° place of the Weekly Top 5 thanks to you guys and now A MOMENT IN LIFE got FIRST!!! Its amazing!!!

Thank you soooo much folks, seriously! Im very happy you're enjoying my work so much and I hope you like my upcoming songs too ^^

Now, Ive been receiving lots of request from people asking me to put back my old song Rainforest and to show you my gratitude, Ive decided to put it up again :D
Now in the best quality NG can offer and totally remastered and edited!

I hope you like my little gift ^^

Peace newgrounds!

/* */

So just to clear things up, I wanna say the original melody of my song A Moment In Life was made by Ayla, I want to thank user egoner for kindly pointing this out, I had really no idea, so thank you very much ^^

And sorry for all the confusion ^^'

"[(/!HAPPY NEW YEAR!\)]"

2008-12-15 22:31:08 by ZooSafari

At last! 2009 has arrived and so has the ZooSafari!

May 2009 be the wildest year ever!!

EDIT: Here's a nice video a good friend of mine from YouTube named Per Rasmussen shared with me (he's 54 years old) and I want to show it to my buddies here on newgrounds, it's an amazing new song from Safri Duo, they're trying some sort of classical/world beat style...and I LOVE IT!!!

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Bye for now...

2008-11-14 22:29:52 by ZooSafari

Ive been thinking a lot recently about my future and Im on a stage right now where Im insecure about what is best for me and for my family, on one side I got my musical career and on the other hand my professional career, but Ive realized that I wont be able to accomplish any of them on newgrounds...

...Its not that Im just gonna forget about the good times Ive spent on the portal, I will never forget about NG, but I think this is something I just need to do, I know its kinda stupid to delete all my tracks from the AP but I want to search for a place where my talents are appreciated and maybe get some remuneration from it, I know my skills are still far away from the professionalism and my chances to survive out there are few, but still I wanna try :)

Haha most certainly I will be back sooner than Im expecting lol, so dont worry cause you will hear from me again ; )

Peace my brothers!

Bye for now...


2008-07-16 12:23:10 by ZooSafari

So...I think its time to make a new post! :D

Well first of all I want to thank everyone who helped me reach the place where Im now, family, friends (some special friends I want to thank: Kr1z, MICHhimself, DJ BrixX, Sialys, Technodude79, F-777, Nintechno), fans, voters, critics and 0bombers (why you ask? cause they make me want to be better and help me become stronger).

Thanks to you I finally made it to the Top30, Im really amazed that 4 of my songs got there and last week "Playing In The Jungle" aslo got on 13 spot! So Im really elated!

Now, here's my newest and most complex track Ive made "Rainforest" took me about a month to make ^^' But finally its here, you could say its a combination between Progressive Trance and Dance...I think its more complex than that, but I leave the critics to you ^^

And finally theres a video I want to share with you, since I love travelling so much <3


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2008-06-02 13:42:01 by ZooSafari

Check em out! They are a true inspiration (at least to me). ^^,

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