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"[(/!HAPPY NEW YEAR!\)]"

2008-12-15 22:31:08 by ZooSafari

At last! 2009 has arrived and so has the ZooSafari!

May 2009 be the wildest year ever!!

EDIT: Here's a nice video a good friend of mine from YouTube named Per Rasmussen shared with me (he's 54 years old) and I want to show it to my buddies here on newgrounds, it's an amazing new song from Safri Duo, they're trying some sort of classical/world beat style...and I LOVE IT!!!

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2008-12-16 07:42:10

hey zoooooo XD HappY Holidays~!

ZooSafari responds:

MYDNITE!!!! FTW!!! Its been a while haha

Happy Holidays to you too ^^

Much <3


2008-12-25 11:37:45

Looking forward to see your music again on Ng :D

(Updated ) ZooSafari responds:

Thanks brother! Im eager to come back :D


2008-12-25 18:00:53

Just in time man! I just got my recording stuff!

Maybe we could collab a bit, no?

ZooSafari responds:

Sure thing bro! DANG I CANT WAIT!!! :D


2008-12-26 04:54:12

Oh hells yes!! Cannot wait man!

I am loving Safri Duo;s new stuff lolz

ZooSafari responds:

Simply the best! ^^

Peace bro


2009-01-01 14:14:54

The wild man has returned, people, rejoice! =D

ZooSafari responds:

Raaaawwrrr :)


2009-01-07 09:38:05

man its a long time i heard/read the name safri duo. i still remember their most popular music. dum du dum du dum. um... yeah got caried away.

ZooSafari responds:

Good ol' days 8D

Thanks for teh comment bro ^^


2009-01-14 15:34:42

Yay for the new year!!! But I just wanted to congratulate you on the top 5 again. It even made it when it was bombed!

ZooSafari responds:

Yeah -.- lol

Thank you very much and prosperous new year bro!!


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