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2008-07-16 12:23:10 by ZooSafari

So...I think its time to make a new post! :D

Well first of all I want to thank everyone who helped me reach the place where Im now, family, friends (some special friends I want to thank: Kr1z, MICHhimself, DJ BrixX, Sialys, Technodude79, F-777, Nintechno), fans, voters, critics and 0bombers (why you ask? cause they make me want to be better and help me become stronger).

Thanks to you I finally made it to the Top30, Im really amazed that 4 of my songs got there and last week "Playing In The Jungle" aslo got on 13 spot! So Im really elated!

Now, here's my newest and most complex track Ive made "Rainforest" took me about a month to make ^^' But finally its here, you could say its a combination between Progressive Trance and Dance...I think its more complex than that, but I leave the critics to you ^^

And finally theres a video I want to share with you, since I love travelling so much <3


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2008-07-19 23:30:19

Keep it up in your jungle DUDE!!!

XDXD See you soon in my cave!!

(Updated ) ZooSafari responds:

Sure thing bro!!! Haha


2008-08-06 08:59:47

LoL iz ther gonna b a aprty in ur cave? XD
zoo! i feel like i owe u something i just cant put my finger on i owe u money? im broke seriously! yea brooke!

Mydnite was not here! this is just an illusion! an illusion i say! *runs away*

(Updated ) ZooSafari responds:

Lawl XD Nope you owe me your soul >:)

Remember? :P


2008-08-08 14:05:21

Same here, Hi!!!! DUDE

How Can I enter in your jungle!!!!!!

I wanna play with donkeys, And dance like a tribal nation!!!!!!!!!! HEll yeah!!!!
uuuuhhhhhhuuuuuu Let's take a trip, And have fun in your vacations DUDE.

I'' be in touch!!!!!

ZooSafari responds:

Thank you man ;)

See ya in Mexico!


2008-08-09 08:01:34

LOL mexico XD

ZooSafari responds:

=O / =D / =P


2008-09-20 11:53:11

hmmm appearantly I didn't comment here yet^^
You showed me that vod quite some time ago.
It's nice to see how music can unite people!

Keep up your great work!

ZooSafari responds:

Thanks ^^

Much <3 bro!