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Better Off Alone ZooSafari Remake On NG!!!

2009-06-17 14:42:31 by ZooSafari

Hello there everyone!!!

Its finally here! After months of hard work, my remake of the famous dance song "Better Off Alone" by Alice Deejay!!!

Now this is the first time I submit to NG a song with vocals in it (courtesy of Alisa ;D) so its kind of a big step for me :P

But anyway, without further explanation I present to you: Better Off Alone (ZooSafari 2009 Remake) ft. Alisa

And please dont forget to give credit to the singer who made all this possible: Alisa! And to check out her wonderful audio.

Finally ;D

This is a lil video we decided to put up on YouTube, its not actually a "video" but you get the idea ;P

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Peace newgrounds!


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2009-07-11 20:39:56

not to be a bother,
but could you put your remix of Kriz: remotion

you called it remotion remastered, and my brother deleted it from my computer

ZooSafari responds:

Yes! Im gonna put it back up, its just that Im working on a better and longer version of it, but I promise, it'll be back ; )


2009-10-03 14:43:18

So.. are u still alive? =O

ZooSafari responds:

Not sure bro... :0


2009-10-28 02:40:03

congrats on getting user of the day, lol

ZooSafari responds:

Haha thanks a lot ^^

I thought I was the only one who noticed it :P


2009-10-29 12:39:48

It;s great! Like the graphic. Who was your designer? I might try to hire him sometime.

My last review was kind of strange. I know. I'm just like that. I say what I want and do what I will, so long as it harms no one.

(n.b. that means I'm autistic.)

nice to meet you!

ZooSafari responds:

LOL thanks bro.

The disigner that made my header was mydnite, she has an account here on newgrounds, just check her out:

Thanks for the support! See ya around!


2010-02-07 19:25:20

ReMotion : ReMastered please...


2010-06-13 08:26:13

Dude where the hell have you been? =/


2010-08-30 05:00:59

OH HI???


2010-12-15 19:59:40

I hope you pull yourself out of coma soon. Get well, man!