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Bye for now...

2008-11-14 22:29:52 by ZooSafari

Ive been thinking a lot recently about my future and Im on a stage right now where Im insecure about what is best for me and for my family, on one side I got my musical career and on the other hand my professional career, but Ive realized that I wont be able to accomplish any of them on newgrounds...

...Its not that Im just gonna forget about the good times Ive spent on the portal, I will never forget about NG, but I think this is something I just need to do, I know its kinda stupid to delete all my tracks from the AP but I want to search for a place where my talents are appreciated and maybe get some remuneration from it, I know my skills are still far away from the professionalism and my chances to survive out there are few, but still I wanna try :)

Haha most certainly I will be back sooner than Im expecting lol, so dont worry cause you will hear from me again ; )

Peace my brothers!

Bye for now...


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2008-11-16 06:03:03

:O goodluck dude :$


2008-11-22 14:58:13

Happy Birthday! :D
Good luck in the 18th year of your life =)