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ZooSafari Proudly Presents: "Savanna"!

2009-02-18 00:36:28 by ZooSafari

Yes! My newest song, Savanna, was a project that took over 3 months to make!!! Seriously!!!

It was a bitch to master, but in the end, I succeeded! And Im damn proud of it, it really helped me learn a lot of cool new things about music production and composition. So far, I can tell the melody I wrote for this track is one of the most epic and uplifting Ive ever made, seriously if you can listen to the whole thing, that'd be awesome, but if you're really impatient, PLEASE at least take a good listen to the melody, it will instantly grab you! And wont let you escape :P

And finally, as always, I recorded all the drums and percussion you hear on the track myself, it was really hard to get the right sounds, but I feel really pleased with the final product and Im sure many of the trance/dance lovers out there will enjoy it a lot.

I'll keep ya updated, but for now...Peace!

ZooSafari Proudly Presents: "Savanna"!


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2009-02-19 17:21:22

=D love it alot man keep up those songs THEY ROCK!!!!

ZooSafari responds:

Thank you very much bro, I will!! :D


2009-02-19 17:22:01

OMG UR LEVEL 1 :/ Too bad

ZooSafari responds:

Haha why? :P


2009-02-22 03:50:16

Poopty peupty pants.

ZooSafari responds:

Woot! Random comment!!! :D


2009-02-24 20:29:05

Your music is where latin and electronic collide in awsomeness that is not even close to being existant on paper.

How does that sound?


ZooSafari responds:

O.o ZOMG! o.O

XD Thanks bro!


2009-02-25 04:53:14

told ya you will hear from me. i am Djing at a small little private party and the theme is, Tropical. Your music is amazing, i would like to play your tracks such as Savanna.

It would bring the perfect mood, and ill let them all know who and give them the link to your page. ;)

ZooSafari responds:

Wow! That would be awesome! :D

Thank you very much bro ^^

Have fun!


2009-03-02 18:20:43


ZooSafari responds:



2009-03-09 13:31:49

I think it's no use to tell you what I think of Savanna again. It hit already 42 listens according to my Winamp history and it's not stopping. Heh heh heh...

ZooSafari responds:


Much love <3 lol


2009-04-21 21:05:07

Hey, i want to know. . .
did you make a song called take me away

i heard it a long time ago but never put it on my fav, if you didn't make it, d you know who did. . .

i desperately want to hear that song again

ZooSafari responds:

Nope I didnt and I honestly dont know who made it...sorry bro :(