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Boy! I just love that piano!!! Do you play Alisa?

This was such a nice track, I'm actually not very familliar with the original, but since it is from Mario Kart I bet it was a really fast paced beat, but I really like the speed on this one, its so calm and beautiful, and OMG that piano!! Awesome :D

Great work!

Hope we will be collaborating again soon ^^


VGSongbird responds:

Thanks! It's great to hear from you!
Yeah, I play; self-taught, though, so I'm not FANTASTIC or anything ^_^

Simply beautiful man!

Almost brings tears to my eyes, this is just STUNNING!

Brilliant arrangement, beautiful instrumentation, I love it!

Keep it up bro! And don't let the douchebags get you down ; )


PenguinSam responds:

I'm really glad that you liked it! As simple as an arrangement that it was, there was still a lot of work put into it.

And don't worry, they aren't brining me down, I'm using their heads as stepping stones! :P



Pure AWESOMENESS brother!

Mexico City RULEZ!!!! :D

May I ask which program you used to create this piece of art?


NuclearStrike responds:

This little diddy was done in Acid Studio 7. ^__^ Thanks for Reviewing.

A.K.A. -NuclearStrike


I never told you how much I love this song!

And something I enjoyed even more its that it has a combination of styles, yours and Kr1z's, which made this even better!

Boy, this is such a beautiful song, brought tears on my eyes for a moment, I simply love that movie ^^,

Thank you so much for remixing it!

Your buddy Charlie.

Pure awesomeness bro!

The trilogy is finally complete! ;D

I got all of them on mahh Mp3!

Thank you so much for uploading the third ^^

Peace !

Darn... :(

I right there with you man, I know how it feels... But something important to remember is that it doesnt matter how hard or sad it can feel to recieve a "no" we had the courage to express our feelings to that special person.

Its amazing how sadness can push us to make beautiful things like this.
Boy! When the strings came at 02:09 I almost break into tears... but not sad tears, tears of happiness!

This piece is simply BRILLIANT!

I love it brother!

You're the man!


PenguinSam responds:

Thank you so much! Those are words of inpiration right there. I wasn't expecting this song te get such high remarks from people! I'm glad that you really enjoyed it!

I don't have much more to say. Thank you!


Really cool stuff right here!! : o

Well this one was really unexpected haha! XD

I remember when I used to play on my N64, I loved that game and that was definitely my favorite music theme on it!!!

You did such an amazing job remaking and remixing it, anyone can clearly notice you didnt use MIDI at all.

Haha funny, this somehow reminded me of the good ol' Ibiza Trance style, specially when you droped the main theme around 2:27, I simply love the feeling you gave the song right there ^^ Very peaceful and refreshing atst :D

Okay 3:15 was really weird, actually I have to admit I didnt enjoyed that bit at all, its feels pretty weak and empty, but what comes next is really good! The bass is just AWESOME, but I think you should turn down its volume a lil bit, cause it just overloads the whole song and it becomes hard for the listener to listen to the melody.

Overall its great, but as I said, try to fix that bass ;)

Keep up the good work!


Kazmo responds:

I changed it up, so it's not so sudden, I dunno though, I kinda liked it before. O well, I think I'm done with this to be honest.

Thanks for the in-depth review!


I remember when you showed me a lil demo of this song, first thing that came to my mind was A&B! :P And then I said HOLY GOD! Kris has become a real professional :O You should get signed for this man, Im telling you, start labeling stuff, there are plenty of labes who would love to have you with them ;D

Time for mahh review ^_~

0:00 Great choice of percs in here bro, your starting to sound really professional on the technical side of the track, evey single sound is really well mixed and mastered, you can clearly listen to all the things going on in the track.

0:30 Sweeeet bass bro!!! I remember you teaching me that technique lol, Im still using it now and then, pretty good way of getting around the boring off-beat basslines :) The arpeggio was simply pro :D

1:47 Beautiful! This parts give you such an amazing feeling of inner peace, I love to go back to that bit, great job on layering those pads.

2:15 OMG!! Duude the pluck synth was simply lovely ^^, Really gives you the feeling that everything is possible and your dreams can actually come true and you masterfully managed to capture that feel : )

2:43? Anticlimax? Lol, never heard about it, but I did enjoy that lil bit, all the instruments just went away and you left the beautiful pluck synth, it was pretty nice actually ^^

3:01 RAVE BABY! RAAAAVE!!! Pure awesomeness man! ^o^

5:02 Nice outro, not as long and boring as I expected actually :P But as you said its really good for mixing purposes, though I think it would be awesome to have an edited version of the song, so that listeners in general dont get bored ;)

Anyways... :D

This song is made of pure win bro, I really hope you get your well deserved Top 5! Idk about you guys, but Im gonna vote for this song every day to let everyone know bout it! ^__~

Btw, I would love to make a remix of this one, I'll try to get it all by ear, but if I cant, could you make a lil MIDI for me? I would really appreciate ^^

Keep up the sick beats bro!!!


Kr1z responds:

Ye i sent u that lil demo a while ago :) I was hoping i could finish the song. And i succeeded!
A&B huh? Wow!

I'd like some more exposure than the crap one at the AP, so a label might be the only option, as you say.

0:00 worked alot on the kick and hat line. Getting pro` aay
0:30 worked hard on that bass too xD glad u like it!
1:47 pad is a layer, chords are win imo.
note: this WHOLE song started with just the chords that i suddenly found! :D
2:15 pluck, yarr. It's good imo :D thx!
2:43 aaight
5:02 outro aaight. I've considered the idea to post a radio edit, basically being the same song without the long intros xD

Let's hope on a top5.

I'll send you the midi, it would be awesome if u'd remix this :O

Thx for the review!!


Did I ever told ya I love this ;D

Hey Alisa! :D

Dang! Besides being an awesome singer ur a great musician too!! :O

I simply love the feeling of this song, its got so many emotions in it, haha this one has been on my top favorites for about a month now I think and I simply dont get bored of it! ^^

Keep up the good work Alisa!


VGSongbird responds:

I'm really really happy you enjoyed this one ^_^

Sweet loop bro!!

Boy! Those drums are AWESOME CRAZIE!!! I love them!

And the guitar! Woot!!! Where did you found such a good guitar synth? What synth is that??? I just sounds so sweet!

I wish this could make to a full song one day, I really hope you extend this, its amazing!!!

Good job and peace bro!

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