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Awake from coma...

2011-01-17 17:48:27 by ZooSafari

Probably most of you still don't know the reason of my long absence, although I already told like half of you through msn and Mich probably told the other half XD I felt like it was important to post this for everyone to know specially the ppl who have been wondering why I haven't posted anything since last year, or responded to my comments, or answered my PMs.

Well, I was in coma guys, I had a car accident a few day after 2010 started, I hit my head with the window of the car door and fell unconscious for exactly 6 an a half months, after that I was in rehab for almost 3 months and the rest is history. I haven't fully recovered yet and doctors said I may never be able too, I'm still having some memory loss and problems with speech, but its getting less frequent and hopefully it will all be gone in time....

I'm also slowly remembering how to make music again, been watching some tutorials and getting help from fellow musician friends and I believe I will be making beats again in no time, I just need to keep practicing a lot : )

And thats about it my friends, I want to thank everyone who sent me e-mails and messages here or through hotmail (or by any other means), THANK YOU for your concern and support, I love you brothas! ^^

ZoO SaFaRi


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2011-01-17 17:57:50

Have a safe recovery :D

(Updated ) ZooSafari responds:

Thanks bro : )


2011-01-17 18:46:02

Completely fresh and still you choose music...Now that's dedication! Hope to see some tunes from you soon man!

ZooSafari responds:

And you will bro! I'll be uploading some tunes I had on my computer b4 the accident and some new ones too ; )


2011-01-18 06:43:33

boy thats awfull i never knew a person who had coma i hope that never happens again

ZooSafari responds:

Harldy :)

Its like been struck by lightning twice.

But even if it did happen again it wouldnt be that bad for me since im a lot more knowledgable now than I was before the accident and I would know how to handle it a lot better than I did ^^


2011-01-18 11:24:49

seriously? that's some heavy shit, man. i hope you'll get as well as possible, keep working towards it and never give up!

ZooSafari responds:

I will : )

Thank you Rucklo!


2011-01-18 16:18:56

I wish you a great recovery. And a great rebound, as well.

ZooSafari responds:

Thank you very much JonBro ^^


2011-01-19 06:55:29

BRO you're back :D

I've been wondering where you had gone :O

I hope you're fine!

ZooSafari responds:

Imma lot better now bro :)

Ty ^^

Hope to talk to you again soon!


2011-04-03 18:43:41

Wow, that is some heavy stuff :O

And now the big question: how did those 6,5 months feel? I mean, do you dream or is there just a big gap?

respect man and keep it up!

ZooSafari responds:

I actually dont remember dreaming, but I probably did ^^'

Thanks a lot for the support man, I'll keep going! :D


2011-04-20 09:35:59

ZOOOOO im glad you've started to recovered! GET WELL SOON!!

ZooSafari responds:

Ty very much Myd! ^^


2011-12-15 18:42:50

O_O whats being out for 6 months like? did you feel like you were in the future?


2015-04-09 08:43:47

Man, I sure wish you'd make an appearance again.

ZooSafari responds:

I miss you too brotha, right now I have limited internet access, but add me on Skype: charlierubin22


2015-11-20 14:05:58

Holy crap.

Added you back!